Huge Announcement

It is with great excitement that I announce Eric has accepted the position of Art Instructor at Fultondale High School and we will be making the move to Birmingham, AL as soon as our house sells! I plan to work as a full-time artist and mother and will be leaving Memphis College of Art after nearly 9 years working there in various roles, from student to Admissions Counselor to Community Education Associate and Program Manager.

MCA and the Memphis community have been so instrumental to my time as an artist and business person and I cannot express enough gratitude to all of the people of the city, friends and colleagues and mentors who have helped me over the years. You know who you are. I couldn't have done it without you!

Memphis is hardly perfect, but we loved the hell out of living here. I plan to visit often. Please let me know if any of you ever need anything. Now I'm going to go cry, jump for joy and have a few more panic attacks while we frantically get everything ready for our move in the next few weeks! 😊

Studio Time

I've been rather negligent in my studio practice lately. With my full-time day job running a Summer Art Camp, balancing motherhood with other (secret for now!) things keeping me busy, I've had to place my energies elsewhere. 

I have two shows coming up: Potluck at the grand opening of the Crosstown Concourse building and Guitar as Art in Martin, TN. I'm creating a table scape for one (think The Dinner Party by Judith Butler) and I'm painting on a guitar for the other. Between those projects, I created three smaller works just to get my hand back in.

I had a studio visit from the talented galleries and exhibitions director, Melissa Farris and I'm trying to find the time to start a new series for my Fall collection while finding homes for the remaining pieces in the Spring/Summer collection. Don't forget that those works are only available until August 1st!

I also turned 27 on the tenth, which is tripping me out just a little. I'll be 30 soon! 

I will have some very big news to share in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

Ameriprise Mini-Show

Come on out tomorrow night (Friday, June 30th) to the historic South Main Arts District to see a mini-show of mine and Eric Quick's at the Ameriprise Financial space at 465 S. Main. By mini-show, I mean that there's only three paintings :)

While you're there, you can also check out my show in the salon up the spiral staircase in Stock & Belle a few blocks away.

Have a great weekend!


Fall Collection coming August 15th!

My next collection is currently in the works and I want to hear from you! I'm playing around with the idea of adding clothing, hand-painted fabric patches, and 3-D wall art. There will be new textile designs as well, named after even more strong women I know and love. You're going to love the Martha, Suzanne, Allyson, Morgan, Katie and Jackie to name just a few!

What would you like to see in this collection?


I'm finally coming off the craziness that was completing my inaugural Spring/Summer collection and am having a blast with my family and hanging out at home. Eric is working on a collaborative commission while Echo watches Frozen and plays with her toys in the living room, which I'm sorry to admit is the only space we've really baby-proofed for her. 


We also went to Maggie's Pharm in Overton Square and stocked up on some power bracelets, incense, and candles. Some good energy.

Getting excited?

I sure am! I am working hard to get a whole new inventory of original art and prints in my shop in time for the launch of the Chloe York Spring/Summer 2017 Collection. In addition, I will FINALLY have my designs available as fabric, wallpaper and wrapping paper! Check it out and shop the collection on Friday, May 19th!