A Day in the Life (Part 1)

Some people have asked me how I spend my time, what exactly I do at my day job, and how I balance it all. So here I am with some insight. Brace yourselves; I'm a narcissist and kind of boring :)

Ready to hear why I'm boring? I go to bed at 8:30 every night. If I don't fall asleep then, I'll maybe pile up in my bed with a bourbon or a beer and watch Bob Ross or Good Eats for a few hours. Whenever you hear me refer to partying, that's what I'm really doing.

Because I go to bed so early, I get up at the butt crack of dawn. My body is incapable of sleeping past 9 am. I'm hopelessly into caffeine, particularly bad morning coffee. I drink it black or if I really want to treat myself, I add a bit of cream.

"I like my coffee like I like my women; strong and given proper credit for their contributions in both the home and the workplace."

Eric and Echo sleep while I get dressed, chug my bitter sludge from a beautiful Paper & Clay mug and check my emails and do art stuff on the tablet.

My commute to the office is about 15 minutes. On the way, I listen to WEVL (FM 89.9) and go over a mini task list in my head. I normally get there first out of all my coworkers and use the quiet time to settle in and maybe grab a glass of water or some tea.

I really love the decor in my office, mostly consisting of unclaimed art work from youth programs we've offered over the years. It's a really happy, energetic space.


Ready to get bored again? At work, I spend my time answering phone calls regarding our class offerings, coordinating and hiring the support staff in our seasonal camp programs, and planning future class offerings for youth and adults in the community. Of course, there's way more nitty gritty than that, but I'll spare you.

Stay tuned for Part 2!