Holiday Bazaar

You may have noticed that my shop is nearly empty. That's because I'm gearing up for the Memphis College of Art Holiday Bazaar! You can find many original works, large and small there November 18th and 19th. A portion of sales will benefit the MCA scholarship fund. 

I also want to express how much I love each and every one of you. Love is the only thing I feel is getting me through the news of these shocking election results. I have to believe in the goodness of people, that we will ultimately do the right thing. To me, the right thing is just to love. Love all people, whether or not you agree with them, look like them or share their values. Respect all people enough not to give in to fear, anger or hate. Do not generalize or make unfair assumptions about others. Humans are basically good. I have to believe that.

I love you.