Commission Fun

When I get commissioned, it is wonderful and amazing and I get super pumped to get started. To illustrate that point, my fabulous rep sent me a text at about 7 am yesterday to see if I'd be interested in creating a custom piece for a client who's worked with me in the past to make this diptych for their living room: 

So long story short: they're moving to a new home and no longer have a place for these paintings, so I'm getting them back and making something new for them, a 48"x72" leviathan in an overall neutral palette. We're talking light grays and beiges with a smattering of lilac, lavender, and pale pink. After agreeing to take this on, I swung by the Art Center, grabbed my canvas (they're having a sale, by the way!) and applied my base coat that evening after getting the baby to bed. I'm so thrilled with this pink color!

Speaking of colors, I am in love with my new hair! (Connie T. at Empire Hair Studio is one talented lady.)

I'll be sharing more progress as I knock this commission out. It looks like I may have another one in the works soon that involves MERMAIDS! Stay tuned.