Huge Announcement

It is with great excitement that I announce Eric has accepted the position of Art Instructor at Fultondale High School and we will be making the move to Birmingham, AL as soon as our house sells! I plan to work as a full-time artist and mother and will be leaving Memphis College of Art after nearly 9 years working there in various roles, from student to Admissions Counselor to Community Education Associate and Program Manager.

MCA and the Memphis community have been so instrumental to my time as an artist and business person and I cannot express enough gratitude to all of the people of the city, friends and colleagues and mentors who have helped me over the years. You know who you are. I couldn't have done it without you!

Memphis is hardly perfect, but we loved the hell out of living here. I plan to visit often. Please let me know if any of you ever need anything. Now I'm going to go cry, jump for joy and have a few more panic attacks while we frantically get everything ready for our move in the next few weeks! 😊