Mood Boards

I'm playing around with mood boards. While I want to make art that is relevant to my interests and pieces that clients can really connect with on some deeper level, it shouldn't be a bad thing to want your art to match your decor!

Here are a few looks I put together that I'm really digging.

Fancy Bohemian Bedroom: For when you love color, solitude, and good vibes. Relaxed, but with an edge. I adore that hot pink bed!

Serene Living Room: An open, airy space with the tiniest pop of color, using art work as a statement piece.

Modern Meets Gothic Bedroom: Indulgent, rich charcoal gray walls with lighter accessories. I see a coyote skull or taxidermy pheasant fitting nicely in this space.

I'm no interior designer, but some good advice I read once is that when you start with all pieces that you really love, that touch your heart in some way, everything in that space will eventually come together seamlessly. I hope that my paintings can be among those pieces that you truly love in your space.