The new digs!

As most of you know, we made the move from Memphis to Birmingham a few weeks ago and are settling in nicely. I'm on the hunt for partnerships and representation in the area and have a few promising leads. I will be involved in the monthly Birmingham Art Crawl on October 5th and have a couple of solo exhibitions scheduled for next year in Nashville and Huntsville. 


In my personal life, I am making the transition from a 9-5 office/managerial position to stay-at-home parent. My MIL takes care of my 17 month old daughter a couple days a week so I can have my studio time, but other than that, it's the two of us hanging out, exploring, loving on each other. It's very hard for me at times to be present and slow down enough to really enjoy this time, but I'm working on it and learning to manage my limited work time.


We found our dream house about 20 minutes outside the city. It's large and open, with an amazing studio space in the basement where the cat also lives. We purchased our first bed that wasn't a hand-me-down and just got internet installed yesterday. Yesterday, Echo's grandparents treated us to a date night and kept the baby for us the entire night. We spent it in Avondale eating sushi burritos and catching live music at the local brewery drinking Scottish ales. We also enjoyed some grown-up TV (any other parents out there SICK of Disney movies and kid shows?) featuring Rick and Morty (that last episode gave us chills!).