Resources for Creative Entrepreneurs

I thought I'd share a few great motivators, tips and advice for small business owners, artists, all you creatives out there! 

Arting professionally is HARD, but here are a few things that I've found useful. 

Be genuine, share your story. Keep an email list of potential clients. Know who your ideal client is. Maintain a portfolio and keep good records. Make sure you're charging enough for your work/services!


-Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon

-Manage Your Day-to-Day: Build your routine, find focus, and sharpen your creative mind from 99u

Online resources:

-Getting Your Shit Together

-The Rising Tide Society (they have monthly meet-ups and they send out regular newsletters with TONS of great business advice, all for creatives!)

-The Jealous Curator blog (listen to Ashley Longshore's recent interview for sure!)

-Hillary Butler's email list for Art Biz advice

-Emily Wells Design Branding toolkit (this was great help in identifying my ideal customer and how to develop a brand for myself to attract those customers)

-Shanna Skidmore's Blueprint Model

-Dorothy Collier's podcast, Positively Creative