Abstract painter, Chloe York earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a Concentration in Painting and minor in Art History from Memphis College of Art in 2012. She has displayed her work in over seventy-five group and solo exhibitions throughout the mid-South and her solo exhibit, Decorators was named one of Memphis’s top ten visual art exhibits in 2013. When not working in her studio, York enjoys connecting with aspiring artists of all ages in her position of Community Education Associate at Memphis College of Art. She currently resides in Memphis with sculptor, Eric Quick and ferocious daughter, Echo in their shared home and studio.

My goal is to visually change objects and forms deemed ugly or untouchable by society to suit its standard of what beauty is, making a statement about the manner in which we decorate ourselves, covering up what is already there. My strong use of pattern and decorating suit this idea and add visual interest to the flatness and simplicity of the acrylic paintings I create while maintaining a focus on aspects of strong ornamentation and the exploration of what beauty is and what makes something pleasing to the eye. 

" Her technique is meticulous, her sense of color superb, her thought processes both contemplative and provocative, and the pieces are imbued with beauty that is sometimes quiet, sometimes splashy. What more could a gallery owner or a collector ask for?" -Fredric Koeppel, Art Review, The Commercial Appeal
"Girl goes hard." -fellow artist
"I was so captivated by the masterful use of pattern in her work as well as the contrast of her very scientific subject matter and playful, candied colors." -Amy Hartelust, fellow artist
"Her work his alive with color, pattern, movement and an undeniable energy!" -Christian Nelius, interior designer
"York is one of the best painters around, capable of handling the most intricate detail and maintaining an impeccable surface. Virtues enhanced by a fertile imagination." -Fredric Koeppel, Art Review, The Commercial Appeal